1. Christmas Visits

During the early 1990's my Aunt Vivian gave us the pleasure of spending part of Christmas Day with my family. We would drive to my mother's house to eat lunch. My sister Margaret lived there with husband Allen and took care of my mother, who had Alzheimer's. During the 20 mile drive and return Aunt Vivian would tell us her memories; everything from her years as a teacher to her knowledge of the inhabitants of an old house we were just passing. Her memories have left a kaleidoscopic impression on my memory.

Once, during the return drive, we stopped at my sister Sylvia's house and Robert offered us a glass of eggnog. Aunt Vivian took her tot and readily drank it down. Now Robert made his eggnog with a lot of good strong whiskey. I remember that, very soon, Aunt Vivian's face became flushed and she became unusually quiet. She turned out to be OK by the time we got to her house. But I was a little surprised that she had taken the glass in the first place.

2. Fruit of the Month Club

When the Smith family moved back to Lynchburg from up north, they bought a home in an older part of Lynchburg, on Federal Street. And they had a boarder, an older single gentleman, who rented part of the second floor. Cousin Robert and I were about ten years old then. Each summer Robert and I would spend a few days to a week together somewhere, sometimes at his home.

Now this old gentleman belonged to a 'Fruit of the Month' club. Each month the postman would bring him a package filled with a different fruit for his enjoyment. And sometimes he would give us a sweet, juicy fruit from his current selection.

What caused me to recall all this was a Christmas catalogue recently received, offering a modern 'Fruit of the Month' club.