I remember my great grandmother Martha Virginia J Moses Bailey DePriest. I say she taught me how to walk. When my mother was about to give birth to my sister Sylvia, my father took me to stay with his grandma DePriest. While I was there I took my first steps.

I have heard from three independent sources about the physic powers of my great grandmother. This was only recently when I was doing research on my family and talking to lots of relatives. Mary Steppe Booth, Juanita Waller Barbour, and Irene Helsel Steppe told me these stories.

My aunt Irene told me that there was an option for a family member to pass on to another family member, of the opposite sex, some of the physic powers passed on from Great Grandmother Martha. These were healing powers. Aunt Irene passed these powers on to me, but I don't now remember how to use them.

My cousin Juanita told me of the healing powers also. Juanita's sister Joyce had hot water spilled on her from the wood cooking stove. Her father, my uncle Oris, immediately undressed her, wrapped her in a wet sheet, and took her to my great grandmother, who did something to remove the heat from the body of the child so that she lived.

Aunt Mary told me powerful stories. One was about 9/11. On the day of the attacks, Mary visited the New Chapel church cemetery. While there Mary happened to look west, down the road, towards the place where her grandmother was buried. She heard a voice telling her to 'look to the east' and 'look to the north'. These were the directions from which the attacks came. Mary believes that her grandmother was warning her of the terrorist attacks. And Mary tells other such stories.