The best use of the helicopters in New Orleans.

We have all seen TV scenes of helicopters from various agencies in their work. They seem to be concentrating on lifting people surrounded by water from roof tops.

There is less than 12 hours of daylight for a helicopter to work. Thus only a few dozen people can be rescued by one helicopter each day. Yet hundreds of people are left behind with a need for water first, and food second.

And the news channels are reporting that the people most want to be told what to do. A helicopter can drop paper leaflets giving information to the destitute, which can be as life saving as water and food.

I think that each helicopter can deliver enough water and food to save hundreds of people, if not thousands, each day. Rather than rescuing a few dozen people a day, the helicopters should be used to save many more people each day by dropping or delivering water and food, and information which would bring life saving hope to the destitute.

With best regards to those that are coordinating the relief efforts.