Another Useless Discussion

Today, Friday, Margaret wanted to go to the post office to mail a tax payment. She had forgotten that I do not want to go to the post office on a Friday. We went.

Margaret mentioned that the postage rates were set to go up in a few days. I remembered that stamps which had no rate designation on them would be good forever. So we decided to buy a large quantity of such stamps, maybe one hundred, for $41 and thus save $1 over the next few months.

The post office officials have figured out that it would cost more than $1 to print, sell and manage 100 of 1 cent stamps.

So I gave Margaret my last $100 bill to go into the post office and buy a roll of 100 perpetual stamps. They did not have the requested stamps in roll form. So Margaret bought five sheets of twenty of perpetual stamps.

But now she was thinking of coiled rolls of stamps, and remembered that she had a coil stamp dispenser. So when we got home she began to look for it. First she looked in her desk. She opened, looked in each drawer in turn and closed it.. No luck. I was at my computer and after some time I asked her what she was doing. And then I thought of a way to tease her, because we had no use for the holder if she found it. I asked "and what will you do with it if you find it?" She replied, "I will put it some where that I will know where it is". I could only laugh at this because I knew what her answer would be before I asked the question.

Here is the stamp holder. It is about two inches in diameter and solid brass, worth about $20.

It is now three hours later. Margaret has move from her office to the pool room. She is searching through the things she brought home from he antique shop. No luck.

At last, in the dining room, she has found the errant stamp holder. I still have not heard where she plans to put it so that she will "know where it is."