Some persons love to challenge our government agencies, trying to force a change in policy for their own purpose. I call these people belly-achers and bone-heads.

There was an article in this mornings newspaper on some people that were trying to get the veterans administration to allow a veteran's headstone to bear a wiccan symbol, that is a witch's religious symbol, a circle with an inscribed pentagon.

The paper failed to point out several key points in the controversy. Foremost is the fact that the petitioners wanted the government to pay for the headstone. Now any idiot, i.e. bone-head, knows that they are free to have whatever they desire prepared on a headstone, as long as they are paying for it. What these belly-achers want is to force the rest of us to pay for what they want on the headstone.

Secondly, the VA allows a wide range of symbols on the official, government paid, headstones. These include dozens of legitimate religious symbols, and even the symbol of the Confederate States of America on the headstones of CSA veterans. If this last fact was generally known, it would probably raise up another crop of belly-achers.

This afternoon, I saw a TV news story on how 'perverts' were selling videotapes of high school cheerleaders performing at football games. One set of parents, whose daughter was gawky and unattractive, thought this was disgusting. Now if the parents thought that someone wanted to look at their daughter shake her butt and show her crotch, and found this to be disgusting, then they should forbid the daughter to do this. END OF DISCUSSION!