As we grow older, the senses tend to dull and fade. For example, the ability to see, and focus our eyesight grows weak. Also our ability to hear, smell and taste tend to fade. But seeing is one of the more important of our senses, so when it fades we have problems that are more severe, say, than the fading of the sense of smell.

Before glasses were invented there were various ways to combat the loss of eyesight focus. One way that I have used is to limit the opening of vision. This can be done by bringing the thumb, forefinger, and middle fingertips into a triangle so that only a very small opening remains. Placing this opening of the fingers in front of the eye will limit the viewing aperture so that the eyesight is focused, although restricted in brightness. The invention of glasses made it easier to correct the sight.

The most common limits on our senses are seen on our driving license. Every state will give us a hearing and seeing test when we appear to renew our driving license. My last renewal was 10-30-2002, and I passed all the tests. So the "restrictions" space on my license has a '0' there. Margaret's last test was in 2005 and her "restrictions" space has an 'x' indicating that she is required to wear glasses when she drives.

I do need glasses to perform certain everyday tasks. I have several strengths of glasses for various tasks. Looking at TV requires 2x magnification. Driving and the computer require 3x magnification. For reading in bed I use 5x magnification. But some everyday tasks I perform without using any glasses. Examples are playing pool and having sex.