Twin Great-uncles Ode (Otis) and Ocie Waller


The last time I saw uncle Ode was the day Ocie’s wife was buried. We got a carload together, including aunt Vivian, and went over to Halifax County to Clover Bottom Baptist Church, near Cody, for the funeral. We went to the church and sat. Uncle Ode came in and sat in front of us, alone, since his wife was dead. My aged mother leaned over and called to him “Uncle Ode, Uncle Ode, do you know who I am?” He, even more aged, replied in a disgusted voice, “Yas! I know who you be.”


After the burial we stood around in the cemetery, relatives conversing with various others. Someone made a comment to uncle “There are a lot of people here today.” He replied “Yas, and I’m kin to ‘em all; black and white alike.” As we prepared to leave he suddenly had to go to the bathroom. I saw him go into the Baptist church side door, then out of the opposite side door, across the lot and into the Methodist church side door. As we drove by I spotted him standing behind the opposite side of the Methodist church, letting fly. Apparently neither church had a restroom that he could find.


Author                                                                 Margie Waller Walton


Here are high school pictures of Ode and Ocie. They were fraternal twins. Ode inherited his father’s and Waller traits while Ocie is from his mother’s Hunt side of the family. Ode was short and rambunctious. Ocie was a large man and more decorous.