Waller Family Reunion 1935 at Uncle Alonzaís


The family of Benjamin Franklin Waller and Harriet Catherine Hunt came together Sunday, June 23, 1935. Ben had died in 1932, Kath in 1934, and the firstborn, James, son of Ben by his first wife had died earlier in 1935. Uncle Alonza and family lives in the home place and none of the half relatives are pictured.


These pictures of the reunion were in my motherís album. Momís cousin, Beatrice Waller Jordan, told me she remembers when the pictures were taken. She did identify most of the people in the pictures. Beatrice was born in 1922 and I showed her the pictures in spring 2001.



The six children of Ben and Cath: Twins Ocie and Otis, Sue, Lemuel, Alonza, and Ora.



A collection of cousins: unmarried grandchildren of Ben and Cath

Seated: Margie, Marvin, Arlene, Geraldine, Curtis, and Winfrey.

Standing: Thomas, Dorothy, Katherine, Iris, Irma, Shirley, Rebecca, and Beatrice.

Several more grandchildren are yet to be born.

Missing are married grandchildren Vivian, Harry, Oris, and Raymond.

Also missing is baby Gwendolyn, not old enough to sit in a chair.



Four married children of Ben F and Cath

Standing: Ocie holding son Marvin and wife Lillie, Lota and Alonza

Sitting: Gracie and Otis, Lemuel and Margaret, my grandparents