The James Stepp Family


I was not able to find much on Jim Stepp. He is supposed to be buried at Bethel Baptist Church in Phenix, Virginia. If he is buried there it is in an unmarked grave or one of the graves that is marked with a stone.



Phenix is now a wide place in the road on state route 40 a few miles east of Brookneal. When Margaret and I visited in late December of 2000 we saw only the church and on the opposite corner a store that was closed.



We did find the grave of Jim’s son John Richard Stepp. Buried with him is Ola Childress Stepp. She must be his wife since the birth dates on the stone preclude them being brother and sister.



And we saw an interesting stone in the church graveyard. It reads “Unknown man found dead on the Virginian Railroad Nov. 28, 1925 about 50 yrs of age.”