Aunt Vivian and Her Family



Henry and Vivian in a picture postcard. The picture seems to be taken near the time that they were married in 1920 when she was age 15. Their first child Robert was born in 1938 so they were married over 17 years before they had their first child. During this time Aunt Vivian finished high school and trained to be a teacher at the University of Virginia. She used to tell me tales about her teaching jobs. I think she told about one teaching job at a one-room school. While Vivian was away Henry kept in touch with the Waller family.


Henry worked various jobs. He tried selling. While in DC he sold insurance. He drove a bread truck. I remember visiting the bakery with him and getting a popgun. And finally he worked as a night watchman.


When I lived in Fort Hill a neighbor remembered Henry. The neighbor told me that Henry was smart as a tack. So were Vivian and the children.



This picture postcard of Linda and Robert was taken 17 June 1943 and was given to Grandpa Waller.



Left: Robert at six months. The photo is labeled “To Bailey from Robert” and was in my mother’s albums. Right: Linda. The photo is labeled “To Grandpa” and was in his things that my mother inherited.



Henry, Robert, and Henry’s mother holding Linda. The photo came from Juanita and appears to be taken in the Waller back yard.