Raymond Waller



Raymond and Grandpa Waller stand beside the Raymond Waller home. It has been fixed up since the photo shown under Oris Waller a couple of pages back. The house is just up the road from the Waller home, we lived there for a time.


Uncle Raymond had a lot of curiosity, as is normal for farm boys. He investigated many ideas. He gave me a book he had as a boy on using cards to tell fortunes. He learned to play the fiddle. And he sent off for fun sounding things he saw advertised in magazines. He and Uncle Oris lived on the Waller place and farmed for a living. He would tell me tales of his boyhood when I stayed at Grandfathers.



Left: Raymondís violin, what is left of it. I first saw it lying on the piano in Grandfatherís home. I learned to play it. I traded a banjo to Uncle for it. Right: The box is addressed to Raymond. It is a viewer to look at frame clips from motion pictures.