Cousin Juanita


Cousin Juanita Waller Barbour was born in 1933, the firstborn of the Waller grandchildren. She was the only one for several years. Then about 1937 and within a few years most of the rest were born. For example: Oct 37 Daphne, Dec 37 Bailey, Jun 38 Robert, and Aug 38 Nancy; so four Waller grandchildren were born within a year.


Juanita was the leader then, and she is the leader now. She inherited the job from Aunt Vivian. When I was a child she would lead us into the woods to where the moss covered the ground under a tree. She told us to sit on the moss, close our eyes, and then we would see the fairies that lived in the woods.



Juanita displays a fancy dress. She looks about 15 years old in this picture. Sister Joyce told me recently that she was holding the dress up from behind.



Juanita, husband Moncy Barbour, and first child Edward. That is my 1937 Ford Convertible in the background.



Juanita and Moncy.