Aunt Ora’s Cottage July 1950


As I remember it, Aunt Ora’s cottage was made of weathered gray boards. It had a combination sitting/bed room downstairs, plus a kitchen wing and a small front porch. The one bedroom upstairs was reached by a steep flight of stairs from the living room. In summer the small low front porch was shaded by a dense growth of vines. The front yard had coarse grass with a path worn down to white sand leading to the porch.



July 1950, they seem to be so happy standing, arms around each other, in front of Aunt Ora’s vine covered porch: My Grandma Waller, Aunt Ora Waller, and Aunt Gracie Waller; they are related by marriage only.



Bennie and I kneel in Aunt Ora’s grassy front yard. Kenneth hides behind the porch post. The white sand path to the left led to her porch and front door. The vine-shaded porch with rocking chairs is in the background. In latter years aunt Sue lived with sister Ora. Bennie and Kenneth are mom’s cousins.



Barefoot girls of summer sit on the grass in aunt Ora’s front yard: Margaret, Helen, Gwendolyn and Sylvia. The white sand farm road beside the old barns ran in front of Aunt Ora’s cottage, which is to the left in the picture. Margaret and Sylvia are my sisters. The other two are mom’s cousins, children of Otis and Gracie.