An Easter Excursion to the Appomattox Surrender Grounds


Mother had a camera, a little black Brownie box camera. She probably got it of a Christmas and used it during her teenage years. During the hard times of beginning a family, film could not be afforded, so there are few pictures from my childhood. I used it when I began to record what I was doing as a teenager. One night it got crushed when my convertible top mechanism caught it. But there are lots of momís and my pictures to remember the camera by.



One thing that mama liked to do was to collect and dry some foliage as a souvenir of an event. These dried vegetation pieces, preserved in an envelope, are 65 years old; yet are still a colorful reminder of an Easter excursion to the Appomattox surrender grounds.



Clowning on a cannon. Left: Gordon, Iris, Shirley, and Lewis. Right Unknown couple, Shirley, and Iris.