E-mail from Aunt Irene with 50th Anniversary Picture



Dear Bailey,  Here is hoping this will work.  I do so want to be able to send pictures easily.  Clydie and I were playing with the big picture and sorry it is not ok.  I do have these small ones that should work so much better.  It is 10degrees  here right now and misting outside.  They are saying we are to have a storm move in and could be. 

   I went to church this morning and then to one at Pratt to see my friends grandchildren in a play.  One was an angel, which she slept through and the other a shepherd and he did ok.  Was nice.  Then came back to Iuka to open house at our pastors home, so I am ready for a little tv.  Been talking to Danny and his grandchild on the voice thing with msn and then to susie on icq, so have been busy.  Dont know what clydie and Ron are doing but may be sawing off the bottom of their tree and decorating it.  However she didnt answer her phone a while ago.  Maybe  went to the movie, they like to do that lots.      Love, Irene