Family Obituaries


Here are records, newspaper notices, and funerary cards about the death and burial of family members. True, they are morbid, but they make interesting and instructive reading.



This notice was found in my motherís scrapbook. It records the passing of the infant daughter of my fatherís sister, Ruth Steppe. Barely a year later my cousin Clay Davis was born. Her grave was marked with a stone, so today it cannot be identified except to say "It is one of these stones."



This notice was found in my motherís papers. These old newspaper clippings have been sewn together with needle and thread, it has endured longer than cellophane tape would have. Everette Jennings Layne and the surviving brothers and sisters are all children of Flurnoy Lane.



This notice was saved by Lottie Lane Moore and came to me from Linda Moore. It records details on the death of Rubye Lane, in particular, how she died.