Abstracted information from the pension application of Emma Stepp


I, Emma Stepp do hereby …County of CampbellRustburg…. John D SteppeCo A etc.

Cause of the death of the husband of the applicant and the date thereof Ans.. of Cancer of the Stomach.

1. What is your age? Ans.56 years

2. Where were you born? Ans..Buckingham County Virginia

3. How long have you resided in Virginia? Ans..All my life

4. How long have you resided in the city of county of you present residence? Ans..50 years

5. What is your husband’s full name? Ans..John Dabney Steppe

6. When and where were you married, and by whom? Ans..in Campbell County, near Concord Depot, July 10 1868

7. When and where, as near as you can state, did your husband die, and from what causes? Ans..Sept 29, 1905, at home, Near Rustburg

8. Have you been married since the death of your said husband? Ans..No

9. Where and with whom do you now reside? Ans..In rented place of L C ?????, with my children

10. What property-real, personal or mixed-do you own? Ans..One horse, one cow, household & kitchen furniture no mixed.

11. What maintenance do you receive, and what income from any source? Ans..Have no income, but receive my board and clothes from my children for my services

12. If your husband died since the war please state where he died, and if possible the name and address of the attending physician. Ans..Died at a rented house of Thomas Bailey near Rustburg. Dr. W. C Rosser attended him.

13. Give the names and addresses, if possible, of two comrades in arms of your deceased husband. Ans..?? Evans, Jas A Moore, and ???



This is believed to be the pass of Emma’s second husband Walter Farris