Grandpa moves to Campbell County


Grandpa Len Waller was born and raised in Halifax County. He found his wife Maggie in Pittsylvania County; they both lived near the county line. After they married, grandpa ran a country store in Republican Grove, but it didnít work out for the family.


As I heard the story, Grandma Waller realized that her sons had too much free time on their hands. While Grandpa ran the store the boys had nothing to do but get into trouble. So Grandma talked Grandpa into buying a farm in hopes that the boys would be busy enough to keep out of mischief.


In late 1918, Grandpa found a farm in Campbell County that belonged to my Granduncle Ocea P Bailey. I donít think it was part of what Ocea inherited from his father John P Bailey.Below is the first few lines of the report made by the lawyer that Grandpa hired to make sure that the land did indeed belong to Ocea Bailey and that he had a right to sell it to Grandpa.


Grandpa bought the farm from Granduncle and the family moved to Campbell County in early 1919. The farm is mostly still in the family. My son, Lewis III and family live in the home place now.