Family Service Pre WW II



A 17-year-old serviceman, my Uncle Daniel Steppe. My father and brother Daniel joined the army about Fall, 1933. They were sent to the Panama Canal Zone. Dad was given a medical discharge and I guess Daniel finished his tour of duty in Panama. Many family members did double duty service; during WW II Daniel served in the U S Navy.


Nancy Steppe

The only family member I know of that served prior to or during WW I was Frank Laymond Steppe, brother of my grandfather Cleveland. Here is Frank (on the right, the one with the Steppe nose) and a friend from Baltimore on the deck of one of Uncle Samís big gun battleships; about 1912.



Rubye J Lane, 2nd Lt., ANC. Rubye died young while serving in the Army Nursing Corps, in Tientsin, China, in 1933. Note the U S Army insignia on her lapels.