Letter Posted from 500 Spring Street, Richmond VA



The envelope is postmarked Dec 30, 12:33 PM, 1940



Getting a letter from Spring Street is not what anyone wants. But uncle Raymond had killed an old man in an automobile wreck as the old man left New Chapel Church one Sunday morn. Wife Iva had sent Raymond to her sister Katy Mae to get some eggs and Raymond had wrecked with the old man on the way. Some white lightning was found in Raymondís car. He was sentenced to two years for involuntary manslaughter. He went to the Virginia Penitentiary, located at 500 Spring Street, Richmond, Virginia.


Iva and daughter June went to live with her parents while Raymond was in prison. The Lewis Steppe family moved into their house located up the road from the Waller home place. It belonged to grandfather Waller. Before a year was up, Raymond was released and we moved back to the converted tobacco barn on the place dad had bought from Henry and Vivian Smith.