Great Grandmother Martha Bailey (Grandma DePriest)



She is Martha Virginia J Moses Bailey DePriest.


She raised several batches of children: her husband's two younger brothers, her own children, her daughterís including my father, and some of her brotherís, maybe not in that order. Some of the children she raised still, today, do not know any name except Grandma DePriest.


From her demeanor you can see that the children knew who was in charge. She is a little woman, not much taller than the three-foot picket fence. And if any of you have a short arm you can see where you inherited it, from Grandma DePriest. Clearly her left arm is shorter than her right arm and the hand is smaller, maybe deformed.


She is the only recent ancestor of mine that was not born in central Virginia. Martha was born in Missouri but returned to Virginia as an infant.