Another Generation of Steppes



In front is Brandon Steppe, the GG-Grandson of Kate and Cleveland Steppe. The other great grandchildren of Irene and Clyde are Johnny Hogenson, Cory Steppe, and Zoe Steppe. She is so pretty.



My grandsons, Daniel and Zachary Steppe. The names were chosen without knowledge of Steppe ancestor names.


There are just four Steppe males in this generation so far. I hope that the Steppe line from Cleveland and Kate Steppe will continue and grow. I know there are many more descendants that do not or will not have the Steppe name. I am thankful for all the children. There are at least 16 great-great grandchildren of Cleveland and Kate Steppe.



Jessica Steppe, born July 27, 2001, Grandchild of Danny Steppe



Grace Steppe born in early 2001 child of Terry and Jolayne Steppe, Grandchild of Danny Steppe.



This is Ken Steppe’s grandson Kyle Steppe, born in late 2000. Kyle is a fourth cousin of the other Steppe children on these pages