A multitude of relatives, many that I had never known before I started collecting pictures and information, made contributions. I have been in contact with them, some in person, over the past year during the preparation of this family history. Some provided pictures. Some provided stories. Some provided their research. They were very nice and helpful. This list is in no particular order, but as I remembered them. So I probably missed some. And I need to record that I have used information collected by my mother and Aunt Vivian. This key information provided the starting point for my endeavors.


Aunt Irene Steppe of Iuka, Kansas. About April of 2000 Uncle Clyde went to live at the old soldiers home and Irene was feeling down. In hope of finding family members she did a search of e-mail addresses, found mine, and sent e-mail hoping to hear from a family member. I responded and the conversation resulted in me getting interested in family history. This book is one result.

Aunt Alice Mae, wife of Gordon Steppe, my fatherís brother. One of the first family members is called on was aunt Alice Mae. I got pictures from her, stories, and names of other people to contact, relatives that I didnít even know.Very soon I was meeting many relatives and getting lots of information and pictures. I got Ben Baileyís address in Kansas from her.


Aunt Mary Steppe Booth, my fatherís sister. She provided pictures and stories. She and Uncle Clyde Steppe are the only direct family members of that generation left. Aunt Alice Mae, Aunt Irene, and Aunt Iva are related by marriage from that generation. All my cousins were living when the work was started. Cousin Linda died recently.


Nellie Jordan, my fatherís cousin. Nellie has collected names and pictures of many relatives. She helped me contact Ken Steppe.


Shirley Mitchell, my second cousin, granddaughter of Hunt Steppe.


Judy Franklin, my second cousin, granddaughter of Hunt Steppe.


Cathy Day, wife of my third cousin Buddy Day. She has done research and has a nice website. She lives out west (Nebraska?) and our contact has been through e-mail.


June Waller Chewning, my cousin, daughter of Raymond Waller and she is my second cousin since her mother was Iva Bailey Waller, fatherís cousin.


Juanita Waller Barbour, my cousin, daughter of Oris Waller, motherís brother. She helped me get in contact Waller relatives. We took a trip one Sunday to Cody to visit Otis Wallerís children.


Clay Davis, my cousin, son of Ruth Steppe Davis, my fatherís sister. We took a couple of trips looking at gravesites.


Nancy Steppe, wife of my fatherís cousin Layman Steppe. She inherited lots of items and pictures from great-grandmother Emma Stepp.


Milton Bailey, fatherís cousin, son of grandmotherís brother Bud Bailey. Milton searched for and found many pictures in the possession of his relatives. He also gave us a tour of the Bud Bailey Farm.


Morris Bailey, fatherís cousin, son of grandmotherís brother Bud Bailey. He gave me a Civil War Map copy, pictures, and tomatoes from his garden.


Katy Mae Bailey Martin, fatherís cousin, daughter of Bud Bailey. She told me that dad was her favorite cousin.


Gladys Bailey Campbell, fatherís cousin, daughter of Bud Bailey. Her husband Herbert was one of the group of men that sat together before preaching and recalled WW II experiences for us.


Kenneth Steppe of Texas, second cousin, grandson of John A Steppe. His mother lives in Lynchburg. He has done extensive research and gave me his results.


Ben Bailey of Larned, Kansas, and third cousin once removed. He had Mrs. Mead do family research. He works for the National Park Service and has a colleague expert in identifying the time period of clothing. Provided his research and a picture.


Helen Bailey, wife of fatherís cousin Irvin Bailey. She was so nice. When husband Irvin died she made up her mind not to let her life end. She has been helping elderly people since then.


John L Bailey III, second cousin, grandson of great-uncle John L Bailey. He provided stories, research, and showed me the Bailey farm too.


Rachel Roberts, fatherís cousin, daughter of his uncle Ocea Bailey.


Anne Bailey, wife of fatherís cousin Buck Bailey, son of Ocea Bailey


Wayne Moore, son of motherís cousin Lottie Lane Moore, my second cousin.


Linda Moore, wife of my second cousin Jimmie Moore. She works at the college with me and provided a box of material and pictures.


Justin Steppe, Montana, grandson of Irene. He has a major website.


Clydie Sue Steppe, daughter of Irene tried to teach me how to chat for fun.


Danny Steppe, son of Irene provided stories and information.


Sylvia Peak, my sister provided pictures.


Margaret Moses, my sister provided information.


Daphne Morehouse Gary, cousin in Richmond. She has done extensive research and provided the picture of Ben Waller in his Civil War Uniform.


Stevie Morehouse Brooks, cousin in Hillsville. She provided information.


Beatrice Waller Jordan, She is the oldest of Otisí children. Juanita and I visited her in Cody at the home of her sister Jean, which is right by the Ben Waller home place


Margie Waller Walton, of Danville, daughter of Ocie. She has done extensive research and provided many pictures.


Marvin Waller of Danville, provided pictures. He is Margieís brother.


Michael Booth, son of Mary Booth. He drove us home from Concord when my car broke down on a trip to see Mary.


Mary Sue Bailey Amiss, a third cousin. She provided information on the military service of Allen German Bailey, our GG-Grandfather that died at Drewryís Bluff.


Francis Bailey, wife of a second cousin once removed, has done extensive research. She talked with me about the family.


Ruth Bagby Carwile, a second cousin of mom. She provided the descendents of Joseph Hunt, my great-granduncle.


Viola Steppe Baugher, another double cousin since her mother was a Hunt. She provided information on the descendents of Walter Steppe, brother of my grandfather.


Warren Jordan is Nellieís brother. We used to see him at country-dances. He provided family stories and information.


Alicia Evans, second cousin once remove, a Jordan descendant. I met her at the funeral of dadís cousin Billy Jordan this spring, and have carried on e-mail exchange of information. She is another cute little Steppe girl.


Linda Smith Keeling, my cousin, daughter of motherís sister Vivian Waller Smith. She provided pictures and research and we carried on an e-mail conversation until just a few weeks before she lost her battle with cancer this spring. I miss hearing from her.