Party for Grandma DePriest

I guess this is a birthday party about 1924. Grandma DePriest is at the head of the table in the plaid outfit. She is my Great-Grandmother Martha Moses that married my Great-Grandfather John Bailey. When John died she remarried to Lewis DePriest. The near two dozen grandchildren in this photo knew her only as Grandma DePriest.

There are 12 children in the photo, but only 11 grandchildren were alive at the time. They are: 1-Gladys Bailey, 2-John (Jr.) Bailey, 3-Rachel Bailey, 4-Mary Steppe, 5-Archer Bailey, 6-Irvin Bailey, 7-Mildred Bailey, 8-Clyde Steppe, 9-Katy Mae Bailey, Between 9 and A with only his white cap visible-Claude Bailey, A-Ruth Steppe, and B-the unknown child. Teenagers and adults are: C-John Bailey, D-Bertha Bailey, E-Kate Bailey, F-Gordon Steppe, G-Ocea Bailey, H-Bud Bailey, I-Maggie Bailey, J-Daniel Steppe, K-Aubrey (Billy) Bailey, and L-Rob Hamilton, the husband of Ruperta Bailey who is taking the photo. Aunt Mary Steppe Booth, #4 in the picture, identified the people. She identified some of the others for me, they are not relatives close to me. There are about 4 more unidentified teenagers in the picture. My father Lewis Steppe may be the boy with cap on standing between H and I. 

The picture was taken at the DePriest home near Mt. Zion church. Many of the children are eating something. The table appears to be filled with desert.