1620 Buchanan Street

During the latter half of the war years we lived at 1620 Buchanan Street. Dad had a job as an 'on call' bus driver and the bus barn was just a few block away. Dad could walk to the bus barn and sit a play cards while waiting to be 'called' to make an 'extra' bus run or handle other driver emergencies. Here is a recent picture of the house.

A young lady lived next door, to the right in the picture, with her mother and stepfather. Her boy friend was tied up as a serviceman. On a visit home the girl got me to take a picture of the pair. Then she had a picture taken of me and her and gave it to me for taking her picture. Here is the picture.

Notice the snow on the ground and the heavy clothing I am wearing, including a cap.

The point is that I still have the cap from over 60 years ago. It is too small for me to wear now.