Permission for Martha Liston to marry James Stepp. They are my GG-Grandparents.

In times past a woman needed permission to marry, even if she granted it by her own hand. And a marriage bond of $150 had to be posted, payable to the governor of Virginia, prior to the wedding.

I suspect that this permission letter was written by witness John Peticrew, because his signature seems to be in the same handwriting as the letter and signature of Joseph Stapp, and other instruments in Joseph's name are signed with an 'X' where his name is spelled Stepp.

to the Clerk of Campbell county Virginia this is to certify that you are orthorise to grant James Stapp lisens to marri Martha Liston a girl that I has rased and is liveing with me. May 14th 1838 (signed) Joseph Stapp witness (signed) John Peticrew

My researcher has not been able to find any information on the parents of Martha Liston; this letter shows why. She was an orphan or emigrant raised in the home of relative or benefactor Joseph Stepp; and married the son or relative of Joseph.