1930 Fire Engine built with the 7 1/2 Erector set.

This is a model that I have never seen pictures of built before. It uses the AX 19 3/4 inch axle rods which came in the 7 1/2 sets. The rods had to be  bent to form railings for the trucks. I have improvised since the AX axle rods were missing from the set when it came to me.

Now that you know what the AX axle rods are used for you can study what other rare parts are used for. For example, this model uses the 'AH small triangle' to form the eccentric cranks for the pump; they are attached to the p17 wheels on the water pump engine. Now can you tell me where the 'AL collar formed one side' was ever used? I know, it is a test for you. E-mail me at: