The Coal Loader

This model was introduced with the 1926 No 10 set and appeared on the manual cover for the first time then. The model could be built only with the large sets of the early period but the picture was used continuously on the covers of the manuals until about 1948. Generations of boys must have wondered about building the model which showed on the cover of their Erector set books.

Manual cover showing the coal loader

The Loader. I used spare parts that I got from Elmer Wagner. The clam shell bucket is homemade from brass that I cut and soldered together.

Detail of the machinery.

When I disassembled the model I laid all the parts out on a table and took this picture. Notice that there are a great number of (C) girders at the left back of the table (close to 100) and many pulleys, flanged wheels, and axles in the center of the table.