1928 NUMBER 77

This is the second form of the one year number 77 set. The first form had more expensive parts than the second form, see the 'Important Instructions' insert below.

This is a three layer set. The lower layer sits on a cardboard platform. The set had three small parts boxes when it came to me. Below the platform we find the steam shovel roofs.

The middle layer is on a tray that sits on wooden supports that you can see in the previous picture. The tray that came to me had only two holes in it, so the parts are not pinned down. I think that I have had a tray in the past with holes in it, but I sold it.

There is room for the manual and other paper work to sit between the two metal trays.

The top tray covers the entire box. I have pinned (with the original paper fasteners) all the parts close to the plan for the first form as shown by MJS (Jay Smith?) printed in the Feb 1996 Heritage newsletter, (as provided by Brian Johnson.)

The box is complete, with wear, and a partial decal.

This small paper insert explains that the original 77 has been changed. The set now has the new GV wheels and the pictures in the manual need to be adjusted.

Here is the contents sheet in the set. I have inventoried the set and have added a few genuine Erector parts to complete the set according to this inventory.

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