We built several little houses. The last and largest is shown here in the first five pictures. The last picture is of Bobby Staton's tree house.

The house is located about where Ted now has his home. Bobby lived across the road. We are looking at the left side with picture window and the back.

Bobby stands in front of the house. A pile of wall board lies to the right. We are having a work session.

Part of the interior of the house. I am standing in the living room to take the picture. The bed room is to the left and it appears there is a kitchen to the right.

This is in the front yard of the little house. That is my red 37 Ford convertible that Ted is standing beside.

A couple of neighborhood girls have wandered into the front yard of the little house and are clowning around for me to take their picture.

This is Bobby Staton's tree house. It is barely large enough to sit on the floor and play a game of cards.