My first job was part time at the Kroger store, bagging groceries and moving produce to and from the cooler and the store display. I started a few days after graduating from high school, but we all soon found full time jobs. There were not many part time jobs then, and one could have a full time job by asking. My first full time job was at the J E Sears lumber yard, at 75 an hour. We worked five days a week and a half day Saturday. This came to $33 a week and since there was little tax then I took almost all of it home. We were paid in cash at 4:55 PM Friday, sometimes we got a $2 bill.

It was hard work! Here is coworker Tiny with a hand truck of cement. We are unloading bags of cement from a box car in which it was shipped onto a truck to haul it to the lumber yard.

Coworker Red stands in front of the J E Sears truck we used to deliver building materials to the job site.

Burning trash in the lumber yard. We had some light work.

When there was no heavy work we helped in the carpenter shop. Here is Willie glazing a window.