Pool Room 2

This is the second table we have had. This is a 7 foot pay table for bars and night clubs, with heavy slate under the cloth. It fits the room better. On the right is a short stick . I call it the California Ticker. We brought it back from California when we visited my son in the Marines. We had to check it in as baggage since it was considered a weapon on the airplane. We need it for side rail shots in the narrow room. In the middle is Margaret's weighted stick. I call it the French Tickler because it has one of those big plastic slip on tips. And on the left is a regular size cue stick.

Margaret looks like she just won a game. She always wins.

We usually play a game or two of pool each evening, about 6 PM. This evening I got involved with computer music and did not come down to the poolroom until a little after 7 PM.

Margaret said: “You are too late,” meaning that she was already watching her evening TV programs.

I said, “You are already watching your TV programs?”
She said, “Yes, but at least you didn’t lose any money.”

I replied, “Good, you would only have spunt it recklessly!” 

“Yes” she agreed, “but don’t bother me now.”

But sometimes I win. This is our first table, an eight foot table with plywood under the green cloth.

My grandson Zachary Steppe calls his girlfriend to set up a hot date.

And Zachary is ready to play pool.