Hangover Food

Drinking too much causes a hangover, a sickness due to too much activity, too little sleep, dehydration, and the action of the aldehydes, ketones, and other poisons present in small amounts in whiskies aged in wood, gin flavored with all sorts of herbs and spices, and other drinks that contain poisonous substances.

The only sure cure is time. Sometimes you think you will not live long enough, and may be reduced to fits of the dry heaves. Severe cases of dehydration may require hospitalization.

One common belief is that alcoholic drink will help. The theory is epitomized in the saying "hair of the dog that bit you." However, a small amount of alcohol will tend to counteract the dehydration if it is not severe. A motion sickness pill may help, particularly if you take it before the worst of the hangover is due to hit.

Sometimes food will help. The digestive system becomes active and the nutrition in the food may speed up recovery. Here are a couple of wake up foods that I like, even if I don't have a hangover.

Buttermilk and Olives. A half dozen of ordinary olives stuffed with pimientos, and a cup of buttermilk seem to settle the stomach. The salt in the olives and buttermilk may help.

Cottage Cheese and Sweetened Apple Sauce. A one to one mix is what I use. The cheese may need some salt and the apple sauce may need some sugar.