Margaret pulled down an index card  file from a top closet shelf today. I don't know what she was looking for. But she found a recipe for Leek and Potato Soup that someone had written out and given to her long years ago. She could not remember what it was all about. I read the recipe and it sounded good. In addition, someone, perhaps Margaret has placed a large check mark on the paper. This probably indicates that Margaret prepared the recipe and found it to be OK.


Leeks tend to trap soil particles as they grow. Separate the leaves and immerse them in water. The soil will settle to the bottom and clean leeks can be lifted out.

Mushrooms also need to be cleaned, but only a light brushing is needed. Many kinds of mushrooms could be used.

Today milk quality is controlled to government standards by the dairy. In former days each family had its own breed of cow; and different breeds of cow gave milk of different quality. Thus you may need to experiment with the milk, adding a little heavy cream to change the consistency and taste of the soup

The quality of butter or other fat used to cook the leek and carrot will have an effect on the final result.

The fascinating part of the recipe is the seasoning. We are invited to use celery seed, basil, etc. This could provide interesting results.