My first piano came from a relative. My parents purchased it from my uncle Herbert Morehouse, husband of mother's sister Iris Waller. They were moving out of town and couldn't take the piano. My sisters and I practiced our lessons on it for several years. Years latter when I bought my first home my parents gave it to me. When Margaret and I married and moved our two households into one new one I sold the old piano. I miss it, but it needed much repair.

On top of the piano is a picture of my sister and my graduation picture. So this picture is a year or two after my high school graduation. About this time a neighborhood boy, our paper-boy, about age 12, came up on the porch while I was playing to deliver the evening paper. He listened and then asked me to teach him how to play. I did not know anything about teaching piano playing and told him so. I regretted that later when I learned that the boy had shot himself to death while playing with his father's pistol, which had been left lying on a table at his home.

Here I am with the first old piano. My father's guitar leans in front. And Uncle Raymond's banjo leans beside. There are two other guitars and a violin in the picture.