My present old piano also has a story. After being without a piano for several years I looked around for one. I saw an advertisement for a free one. It turned out to be owned by a girl that my children had roller skated with when young. The piano was in the home of her brother, he had died, the family was moving, and she needed to get rid of the piano. I rented a truck and asked several students and my son to help me get it. I paid the helpers about $20 each, the truck cost about $60, and I gave the owner $60 and suggested that she buy something for her children. When we got the piano installed in the pool room one of the students sat down and played us an energetic piece.

The piano is fairly old. My piano tuner says it was a good brand in its day, about a hundred years ago. I am satisfied since I got it for about $200. A little girl's brother had to die for me to get this piano. And rainforest trees and elephants died to construct it, it has a massive wood frame and real ivory keys. And friends helped me move it.  When I sit down in front of it I sometimes remember to do so with a proper sense of reverence and respect.

Here I am with my present old piano. Maybe I just came in from a winter walk. Press the F5 key on your keyboard to replay the music.