This Southern Crescent followed the Crescent Limited, which was pulled by a small green steamer with gold trim. The larger Mikado engine had the same livery and pulled The Southern Crescent from Washington to New Orleans. Finally, the train was pulled by a set of diesel engines, in green and cream livery with gold lettering.

This is one of the locomotives that powered the Crescent Limited and/or the Southern Crescent. Here are several sound files of the engine. Click on the sound links to hear recordings of this excursion train, from Lynchburg to Charlottesville, Virginia.

SOUND The train pulls into Lynchburg

SOUND The train backs up in Lynchburg.

SOUND The train stopped halfway between Lynchburg and Charlottesville and the passengers got off to take pictures and sound recordings of the train backing and running by. Here the train backs up.

SOUND The train does a run-by.

SOUND The excursion train has pulled onto a siding to allow a long freight train to pass. About two thirds through the pass we hear a helper locomotive, embedded in the train, growl by. Notice the Clickety-clack of the train wheels on the rail joints. We don't hear that anymore, since rail sections are now welded together, eliminating the rail joints that made the sound.