TUVAN IGIL The Igil is made in Tuva, a Russian country on the south of Siberia. The Igil has two strings and is used often to accompany Tuvan throat singing.


NYCKELHARPA or SPELMANSGLÄDJE This is a violin with a keyboard added to stop the strings at desired notes or chords.


Hurdy Gurdy. This instrument extends the capabilities of the violin. The instrument solves the fingering problem by providing keys to press. And this instrument completes the transformation of the violin by providing a crank to turn which turns a wheel which bows the strings. And strings can be caused to drone at the same time.


HANDSAW An ordinary hand saw will make musical sounds. It can be hammered or bowed.


WATERPHONE I do not know how the Waterphone works. Maybe the tubes have water in them. The tubes can be hammered or bowed to produce interesting sounds.


GUITARVIOL It has frets so it can be played like a guitar and bowed like a viol.


The bowed dulcimer looks somewhat like a mountain dulcimer which is plucked. The hammered dulcimer does not look like the other dulcimers.