The bellows pump air which is released to blow over reeds by buttons or keys to make a sound. Notice that both hands must work the bellows even though only one may move, and that both hands have buttons of keys to play. The exception is the accordion which is strapped to the players body so that the left hand only works the bellows leaving the right hand free to play the keys.


ANGLO CONCERTINA Notice that there are two sets of buttons and that they move in the same direction as the bellows. This small instrument can make a decent presentation, especially if the player also sings.


CONCERTINA This Concertino is somewhat larger than the previous one. And the right hand buttons move vertical to the direction of the bellows. This Concertino looks almost like an Accordion except for the buttons for the right hand.


ACCORDION The right hand has a piano like keyboard. The left hand has buttons which can play chords and operate the bellows.

BANDONEON  This instrument looks like a large and fancy Anglo Concertino. It was designed to take a large part in an orchestra.


UILLEAN PIPES The Irish bagpipes have a bag, but also a bellows. The Scottish bag pipe player uses his breath to blow air into the bag, the air being forced from the bag plays the pipes. Here the player has a bellows, under his right arm, to inflate the bag. The bag is under his left arm .