The human voice is capable of extreme usages.


COUNTRY YODEL The early country music singers added an occasional yodel to their songs. I think it blends in well and adds interest to the performance.


SWISS YODEL The Swiss are known for their ability to  yodel. The mountains echoed the voice and provided communication over long distances. Swiss yodelers can perform extreme usages of the voice.


THROAT SINGING Mongolian singers can use the throat to produce extreme sounds. The voice is used to make a very low sound, the throat produces whisper like sounds which when they become overtones give the throat singing sounds. If you try to whisper loudly you may begin to hear slight whistling sounds.

To hear the artistic ability of overtones go to the Steel Guitar page and listen to the Dobro. Near the end of the piece the player will twist her left hand so that the steel bar leaves the strings and she touches the strings with her little finger. The chime like sounds that you then hear are overtones.