Aspiring musicians have tried about everything to put together a musical or percussion instrument. Perhaps this originated when someone used a spoon to beat on a pan to frighten away the unseen monster that was devouring the sum or moon. There are sixteen total, eight on the seventh video.


A pair of spoons is an old percussion device. Perhaps they originated when a pot and spoon chorus member lost his pot. A pair of spoons is many times used to provide timing for a group of country musicians.


 A homemade bass, made from corrugated board, a two by four, and strings. It sounds good enough.


A bass made from a washtub. It too sounds OK.


A Dobro instrument made from a wash tub.


This instrument was made from PVC pipe, wire, hammers and other junk. It can play simple tunes.


This is a Hapi drum, not a Hang drum (see the steel drum page.) It is made from a propane tank.


Home made instruments, some made from junk. There are eight on this video. Regular violins are played with a manual bow and a manual fingerboard. Either of both of these can be mechanized. The third instrument on this video contains a violin with a mechanical bow and a manual fingerboard, not yet a standard instrument that I can find. The last instrument looks to me like an ordinary electrified acoustic guitar. What is the idea here?


A bagpipe made with a rubber glove and other junk.


Watering Can Clarinet.