A busker is one who plays music in a public place for donations. Any portable or easily moved instrument has been used, though most often we think of the organ grinder and his monkey.

Here is the traditional picture of the busker with his portable barrel organ. The organ is carried with the straps over the busker's shoulders, and can be rested on the peg leg attached to the bottom. A monkey to help coax coins from listeners is standard.


This barrel organ does not have a peg leg or a monkey. It gives an idea of how a busker organ sounds.


This busker uses a Horn Violin, a weird enough instrument. The busker must attract attention by some means.


This busker uses a foot operated guitar playing machine while he plays his violin.


A full size harp used as a busking instrument.


The world's worst busker plays a flute?


The Hurdy Gurdy, or wheeled violin, is a popular instrument for the busker. The portable barrel organ is also called a Hurdy Gurdy.


Christmas eve buskers.