Welcome to my web site.

Student Terri Jones drew this picture of me. The photograph of Margaret and I was taken at Nags Head on a cool and windy spring morning.

The site came online in September 2001 as a place to show my family book. The entire web site is still under construction and revision. I have 1150 pages and 2775 pictures, as of Oct 11, 2014.


FAMILY BOOK This is the main family history book. It contains the ancestors and relatives of my parents, Lewis and Shirley Waller Steppe. There are pictures, information and stories provided by many family members. I have collected these and formed the whole into a book. And I have had research done by a professional researcher, which is also included.

SUPPLEMENTARY This is a collection of information and pictures not included in the main FAMILY BOOK.

MARGARET'S FAMILY Here are photos and information about my wife Margaret's family.

MUSIC VIDEOS videos of unusual musical instruments that I think you might enjoy listening to and learning about.

CURRENT EVENTS This is a page for what is going on currently.

MIXOLOGY AND COOKING RECIPES Mixology is the art of mixing alcoholic drinks.

MY ERECTOR SET PAGE Here is my Erector set collection. I have been collecting Erector sets for several years.

MUSIC This is a collection of music and sound files. Most of the files were created by myself on my synthesizers. Your computer will need to be able to play synthesizer files; most newer computers can. There are sound files that all computers can play.

TRAINS Here are pictures and sounds of railroading.

MARGO AND LEWIS The story of Sweet Adeline, the party girl, and other revealing and x-rated info about our life on Timberlake.

A TEACHERS LIFE I was a professor of mathematics at Central Virginia Community College for 32 years. Here are some stories on that career.

MILITARY SERVICE Here are pictures and stories of the military service of immediate family members. There is an extensive chapter on military service in the main family book.

MY TEENAGE YEARS I graduated from high school in 1955 at age 17. From then until I enlisted in the US Navy at age 20 my friends and I had one long party time.

STEPS AND WALKWAYS These are steps used to climb from one level to another in Lynchburg; and walkways protected with railings.

FLOWERS Photographs of flowers and other vegetation, mostly at our Timberlake home.

AGONY COLUMN This must be the ultimate mode of self expression, to publish your personal agonies on the web. (I have learned, Feb 05, 2005, that such a site, or the content thereof, is newly called a 'blog' and that one blogger believes blog bleats have influenced public policy. I find this last unbelievable.)

Here are links to related web pages.

http://martinancestry.homestead.com/home.html This is the family page of Cathy Day, wife of my third cousin Buddy Day. Click in the 'Steppe' box to see her Steppe page.

http://www.steppe.com/family.html This is the family site of Justin Steppe, son of my cousin Danny Steppe.

http://www.genealogy.com/users/s/t/e/Bailey-Steppe-VA/ This is my Family Tree Maker site. Click on the "Bailey Steppe Tree" link. When the tree loads you must click inside it. Then press the 'f' key and the 'find' window will load. Scroll to and select your name to see your part of the 2000+ family members listed here. You can then scroll in your part of the tree.

Most of the 2775 photos on this site are low resolution. If you would like a high resolution photo just e-mail me and I will return a high resolution photo if I have one.

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RECENT ADDITIONS TO THE WEBSITE. Various pages for such things as first snow of 2012, Margaret's activities, the moon and planet apparition, and so forth on the Current Events page. Also pages on Christmas gifts and 1620 Buchanan St under Miscellaneous section of Family Book Supplement.