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Here is information, pictures, and stories about the military service of the Lewis Steppe family.

LEWIS STEPPE This is my dad. He and his brother Daniel joined the Army in 1933. Brother Clyde joined about 1943.

LEWIS STEPPE Jr. This is me. I joined the Navy at age 21.

LEWIS STEPPE III This is my son. He was a Marine.

TRIP TO ENGLAND My daughter's husband, David Wood, was in the Air Force. When they were stationed in England we went for a visit.

TRIP TO CALIFORNIA When my son was stationed in California we visited him there.

SECOND COUSINS Here are pictures of some of my second cousins that served.

SCOTT STEPPE is at present the only close Steppe relative stationed in Iraq, that I know of. Take care Scott.

KEN STEPPE RELATIVES Here are seven servicemen in the Ken Steppe family.