Cousin Robert Smith


Robert, Herbert Jr., and I were the male Waller grandchildren. Herbert Jr. was younger and lived far away. So Robert and I were the only boys to play together at grandma’s house. Several summers we spent a week with Grandma. When he was interned at Lynchburg General Hospital one summer we water-skied together often, and dated the nursing students.



Robert at the well house at the Waller home. The house is gone but the old piece of concrete is still there fifty years later.



Robert, Sandra, Courtney, and Owen.



Robert and Bailey in the back of the Waller home. In the left background is the orchard. All the apple trees are now gone. The largest tree just behind the boys is gone. The other large tree remains. The concrete pad is now the back porch. Grandpa must have poured the pad with the idea of making it the back porch but my dad built the back porch 30 years later.