Letter about the estate of Jennings Thornton Lane




April 10 1919

Mr. Len L. Waller Rustburg VA

Dear Sir:


Your letter rec’d. Your wife’s uncles employed us to advise about winding up the estate, because the Adm needs advice in his actions and on account of the Short children being under twenty one years old the land can not be sold except by a decree of Court.


We will wind up the estate and the court will allow us a fee so she will not have to pay us anything direct, but the fee will come out of the whole of it, we do not know what the court will allow us, but her interest will be looked after fairly and equally, as will all the rest.


Write us any time you want to know anything about it.

Very ty Clement & Clement



I have this letter and the funeral book of my grandmother, Margaret Lane, which indicates that her father, Jennings T Lane, died in 1919. Wife Eliza appears in the 1920 census. The Short children would be grandchildren of Jennings by his daughter Holmes Lane Short. The concern about the grandchildren would indicate that the parents, Holmes Lane Short and her husband, were also dead so that their share would go to the “Short children”. My researcher found an inventory of the estate of Jennings T Lane.