Mount Vernon Baptist Church


The Constitution of the church was adopted on October 20, 1832. An 1858 roll lists my great-great grandparents as members: James and Martha Step and James and Elizabeth Layne. Land was given in 1868 to relocate the church. James Step was one trustee receiving the land.


John D Stepp was buried behind the church in 1905 and Emma Layne, wife of J D Steppe and R W Farris, was buried there in 1944. Maggie Jordan, daughter of John and Emma, planted a “Tree of Life” between the headstones. The family had to journey to the mountains of Virginia to dig it up.



The church as it is today, it is near Concord in Campbell County.



Tombstones of Emma and John; the “Tree of Life” grows between them.



Bark and leaves from the tree show that it is probably an Eastern Hemlock.