Notes on the maps


The numbers on the new and old Campbell county maps coincide up to 8. On the new map we have a number of newer sites.


9. Uncle John L Baileyís home.


10. The house across from Uncle Johnís where Martha and Lewis DePriest last lived. It was here that I took my first steps. Grandma DePriest kept me while my mother gave birth to my sister Sylvia. A trailer now sits under the grove of trees where the old house was located.


11. Home of Gladys Bailey Campbell.


12. Home of Mildred Bailey Martin.


13. The Oscar Taylor (Bud) Bailey farmhouse. My second cousin, Taylor Bailey III lives here now and farms the land part time.


14. The Frank Jordan home. Our great grandmother, Emma Steppe Farris died here. I remember visiting the home at the time. Edward L Steppe is buried here, but he was not in our branch of the family as far as I know.


15. Where Ruth and Roscoe Davis lived when they were newly married farm hands milking cows on the Bain Daniel farm. The old house was recently demolished.


16. The Waller home place, purchased from my great uncle Ocea Bailey.


17. The Bailey family cemetery.


18. Uncle Johnís lake. Warren Jordan remembers helping to build this lake in the twenties. A couple of years ago Taylor Bailey Jr. died here while cleaning the spillway.


Across the road from number 11 is a dirt road leading north to a cemetery. This is the Finch Family Cemetery with Confederate markers.


Across the road from number 7, to the right of the fence, is a field road leading north to the Edward Steppe Cemetery where he is buried.