Daughters of John D and Emma Steppe


Here are Annie Rice, Emma Maxey, Kate Francisco, and Maggie Jordan, the four daughters of John and Emma. None of them is much over five feet tall; Aunt Kate is the tallest. They were born: Annie 1878, Emma 1880, Kate 1887, and Maggie 1890. There is 12 years between the oldest of these sisters and the youngest. Notice that they are standing oldest to youngest in the photo. Their mother Emma bore children for 28 years, the first in 1869 and the last in 1897 for a total of 12 children. Then Emma lived another 47 years. When Emma died at age 94 she had 46 grandchildren, 56 great grandchildren, and 7 great-great grandchildren. There must be several hundreds of her descendants by now.


Nellie Jordan