The seating areas are shown from road side down to lake side. These are chairs that my Aunt Vivian gave me, providing seating in the circular driveway, the highest level on the lot.

Aunt Vivian's chairs were taken to our country house and the boat house love seat has been moved to the driveway.

This is a small greenstone paved patio behind the house, accessed from the TV room by the steps at the far left.

Each September I set up a cookout area in the back yard, with a canopy, table, charcoal grill, chairs, and a hammock visible at the far left. Margaret is looking forward to hamburgers and baked beans.

The green plastic canopy deteriorated so I now have a blue canopy.

This is the tool shed fireplace and chimney. It has room for several chairs in front of the door.

This is the loveseat at the boathouse level. That is a burning oil lamp at the left. The boathouse is to the right.

The dock, the lowest level, has a bench to sit on.